Who we are!

  • Target Audience

    IGS’s main target audiences are urban practitioners, planners and managers from both civic and executive wings of national, county and local governments, organizations and individuals partnering with them in service delivery and local development. These include, county governments, municipal authorities, NGOs, CBOs, governmental institutions, and other interested individuals and institutions.

    Institutional Experience and Ability

    The Institute has considerable experience and ability to ensure that time will be well managed during the execution of the project /programmes and that there will be effective communication to and among all the project stakeholders, thus ensuring seamless team-working, which is a pre-requisite for success of a project of this nature. It will also use its experienced staff to manage and support the project and to ensure that all the persons involved in the project will work within the established budgets. With a wealth of knowledge and skills of resource trainers and researchers, we have industry based experience in the fields of urban management and development based on tested and proven methodologies. With both local and international partners, the Institute has the capacity to develop innovative programmes that enhance capacity to improve the urban environment and reduce poverty. The Institute undertakes evaluations and needs assessment to determine the most appropriate interventions for various institutions and organizations. It endeavours to develop and promote practical solutions based on the assessments. IGS has partnered with the industry’s foremost authorities in the fields of: sustainable urban development, Urban Planning, urban design, urban economy and Local Economic Development, Environmental Planning and Climate Change Management, spatial planning and land use management, urban revenue and financial management, public private partnerships, urban legislature and more to develop a unique training and certification programme tailor made to suit the needs of our clients. The training programmes are established through a comprehensive needs assessment (TNA) and reflects the latest in key trends, initiatives , management innovations and sustainable urban development frameworks while offering organizations opportunities to learn new skills, ideas and techniques that can be transferred to their of work.

    Our Partners

    To realize its vision, IGS endeavors to forge partnerships and collaboration with institutions and organizations that support it in the realization of its vision. It is currently collaborating with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS – Netherlands) in running the diploma programme in Urban Development Studies and in developing various capacity building programmes for local authorities and county governments. IGS has also partnered with the following organizations:

    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
    • Institute for Housing and urban development studies( IHS) , Netherlands
    • Association of County Governments, Cities and Municipalities in Kenya - formerly Association of Local Government Authorities of Kenya (ALGAK)
    • Danida Fellowship Centre (Denmark)
    • Uganda Management Institute (UMI)
    • Partners in Community Research & Development (PCRD)
    • Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC)
    • Rwanda Association of Local Government (RALGA)
    • Swedish International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD)
    • Centre for Sustainable Development (Uganda)

Our Mission

To provide support to organizations to deal with development challenges and to promote good governance and sustainable development through capacity building activities; research and consultancy; complete with advocacy and advisory services.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized center of excellence in the promotion and advancement of good governance and sustainable development.

Core Values

  • Academic freedom and excellence
  • Professional integrity; transparency and accountability
  • Commitment to organizational quality and excellence in service provision
  • Pursuit of state-of-the-art knowledge and learning

Organizational strengths

  • Experience, knowledge and skills of our resource persons and trainers.
  • Our researchers, consultants and trainers have industry-based experience.
  • Our methodologies are based on tested and proven experience.
  • Our training courses are developed to international standards.
  • Our firm has capacity to develop innovative programmes.
  • Our firm and resource persons have linkages that enhance capacity.
  • Our firm has partners that create synergy and enhance performance.


  • To provide capacity building and training services based on identified development and training needs.
  • To undertake research and consultancy to enhance good governance and sustainable development capacity.
  • To provide advisory services for strengthening governance, leadership and management capacity
  • To provide a forum for advocacy of enabling policy, legislation and regulatory reforms and for exchange of ideas, experiences, lessons and best practices on good governance and sustainable development principles.
  • To promote working partnerships between/among public sector, private sector and civil society organizations